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Why not laptop for gaming?

Welcome, welcome. It’s one of these weblog where gamers are talking about news, superb hardware, for gaming geeks. As an experienced player and maybe a geek I’m all the time looking for splendid gaming laptop computers. There are a lot of gaming laptops, but only some of them are better, some not-so-good, but almost everyone is created to reat toy, for the use of entertainment. Also, important...



WAR and fun

Welcome! You are bored? You are looking for entertaining game? You want to test new one for free? That's why I want to write down more about great Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, very good mmo rpg. It's one of the most favorite games, and I'm still playing in this brilliant game. I don't know why this game has around 200 000 players. I'm playing in all kind of games probably all my life,...


World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm

welcome! Today fresh news related to great and very popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft! Yeah we all love this awesome game! If you are looking for more related to this fantastic online game, check my weblog from time to time. Anyway lets get back to WoW. First of all I know one thing - we are very close to premiere of expansion for World of Warcraft - Cataclysm. It will be third expansion,...


Maple Story and murder

Welcome on my weblog. Today I would like to add very weird story related to Maple Story. I've found weird news about forty-three year old Japanese piano teacher which is suspect of the deleting his online ex-lover's character from Maple Story. She can spend about 5 years in jail or a fine of up to 5,000 dollars for that unspeakable law-breaking. Well, she was very mad after the man, who was...



Happy New Year!

I wish you all happy and pleasant NEW YEAR 2009! Yeah we are already in new year and exactly 7 day ago we entered in new year. Time is running forward very fast...I think maybe to fast? Even that so why should be worry? Time is now, time doesent exist. What is time? Do you saw time ever? Well this is funny because we are still woried that we are busy, we don't have much time for many...


Warhammer Online

Welcome, today I would like to talk about new game created by EA Mythic called Warhammer Online. In Warhammer each player can obtain max 40 level of experience and 40 level of renown rank. This renown rank is getting hire during PvP combat, you can obtain some after beating other characters. Game is very dynamic and fast, combat is far more faster then in World of Warcraft so you need to...


Few word about mmo games

If you like MMORPG you will like my blog about gold farming, it will be good place to gather all valuable tips related to most popular and liked games. I'm playing right now in Lord of the Rings Online and I've got some my own suggestion how to play most efficient. Anyway I'm playing on Gilrain server if someone want to meet me.First you've need to know that all most interesting items are on...


Golden MMo tricks

Welcome on my blog! You can discover here lots of information. What kind? About your favorite MMO games. To do that, visit me later, im working now to have some materials about popular games. Im Leo and i would like to say that best game ever created is my real love <3 - Lord of the Rings Online..game is the best, World of Warcraft is sh.... and total cr.p. I don't like Wow because of ugly...